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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

How to: Make an invisible desktop folder

This is for all you people that have stuff to hide… good stuff.. ahem.. back to the tutorial – an invisible desktop folder. So you basically need a folder with a blank icon and no name. Here is how to create one:
1. Create a new folder. This doesn’t work with a used or renamed folder.
2. Right-click the folder and choose rename. Press 0160 on the num pad while holding down the Alt key. The name should disappear and be replaced with a blank space.
3. Right click the folder, choose Properties, select the Customize tab and choose Change icon. Select a blank icon space.
How can I delete the folder?
Many people have asked this, so after some fiddling, I found a way to do it.
If you get tired of all your hidden “good stuff” and want to delete the folder, the easiest way is to open it and press the “Up” icon at in the navigation menu to go to the parent directory of the folder.
There should be a blank space between the other files and folders in the parent directory. If there isn’t, then your hidden folder might be at the end of the list, so drag some icons behind the last one to bring the hidden folder into view. Right click the empty space and choose “delete folder.” If this doen’t work for you, I can’t help.

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